Artist Statement

My art practice is personally reflective, themed based and materially driven. There are three main components that drive my work; primarily the expression of the idea, the second is the physical act of creation, and the third are the material explorations. These three elements are inseparable in my process as they coalesce, and are essential to most everything I do.

The themes (which often explore the motifs of distortion, repetition, personal reflections and experiences) have to engage me on an emotional as well intellectual level enabling me to pursue them for several years, as is my practice. Each new idea creates the opportunity for me to really delve into my concepts as well as to hone some new skill sets and explore new materials. My tendency to work in themes, not only in subject matter but also often in scale, allows me to impose my own artistic parameters, and then exploring the options that those limitations make possible. Discovering a material’s individual characteristics, and how they can support my concepts will always have a strong appeal for me.

Melanie Chikofsky

The fleeting nature of human life drives artists to create works that, in their content and form, transcend our mortality, and expresses our need to communicate something about our transient selves to validate our place in time. My work contains a duality of an aesthetic that we know is impermanent, but the pursuit of which provides a nobler sense of ourselves; that art is man striving to greatness. “God is the perfect poet, /who in his person acts his own creations”
Robert Browning Paracelsus. Part ii.